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Dubai-based Indian teenager launches KLAPiT

As a part of a school assignment, a Dubai-based Indian teenager introduced an innovative solution KLAPiT to hang heavy objects on the wall without drilling holes

Necessity is the mother of invention that is etched in the minds of every youngster. There have been instances where the teenagers have found the solution to the most complex problems. A Dubai-based Indian teenager has found an easy way to hang heavy objects on the wall. But what is the big deal about it? The difference is that the teenager has found the solution for hanging the heavy object without drilling the holes on the wall. 

The nails and screws have been in use since time immemorial. However, they come with many problems like pollution, dust, drilling the walls, labor requirements, and so on. To overcome these shortcomings, Dubai-based Indian teenager Ishir Wadhwa has provided the solution and named it KLAPiT.

Ishir is a student at GEMS World Academy in Dubai who developed the solution as he saw the damages caused by drilling holes. Ishir developed the solution to the problem as a part of his school assignment. The teenager had to submit an innovative project to his school as part of his curriculum. 

While working on the idea and how to execute it, he contacted his brother for further guidance. The answer lies within the alpha steel tape and magnets. Both arrived at the simple solution after humongous brainstorming. 

When we put our minds together, the solution, like all great ideas, was elegantly simple, – said Ishir Wadhwa

Also, Ishir used beta steel tape along with a neodymium magnet to hang the heavy object on the wall. It is one of the non-intrusive methods to hang the objects. When asked about the ideology behind the naming of the product, they explained that it is based on the clap-sound created by the magnet. 

With this magnet, we were able to hang our home theatre system on our wall without drilling. It got my attention as my speakers had been lying around for almost 10 years, but since I didn’t want to drill the walls, I had left them,– said Sumesh Wadhwa, Ishir’s father

Using magnets, a Dubai-based Indian teenager has provided a solution to hang the heavy-weight objects on the wall without drilling holes. Sumesh Wadhwa, Ishir’s father, has quit the job and is looking to start the new venture after his kids made a great discovery/solution for the long-lasting problem. He also believes that the solution can be a gamechanger in the upcoming days.

Varun Aithal
Varun Aithal
A keen observer of polity, football and cricket, Varun is a Mechanical Engineer by profession and a content developer by passion. Being an Engineer, he loves to teach and learn Mathematics. He is a firm believer of learning new things every day. He also enjoys reading books related to self-help, philosophical and fantasy thrillers.
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