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Justin Trudeau adds $100 million to Emergency Food Security Fund

In an inspiring and generous effort to tackle the financial strain, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau adds $100 million to the Emergency Food Security Fund to aid the nation’s food banks.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a massive impact in terms of job loss, reduced and or lack of income, and food insecurity. When the pandemic started affecting the people in the initial stages, the government sprung to action with a phase one. Following that, Justin Trudeau adds $100 million to the Emergency Food Security Fund so that food banks and indigenous organizations can keep providing food to struggling Canadians through the pandemic.

Phase one of the program has funded around 1,800 projects and provided 6 million meals to over 2 million Canadians. Justin Trudeau adds $100 million to the Emergency Food Security Fund as part of the second phase, which is necessary to address “urgent food needs,” at least until the federal emergency benefits are set into action.  

Food banks and local food organizations have been there for Canadians who need them most, and we will continue supporting them. – said Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada 

Recently, Canada has experienced several disasters like tornadoes, fires, and floods. The pressure to recover and support has been paramount, and the pandemic has only added to that pressure. However, the efforts to spread some relief have been magnanimous. In September, the British Columbia government approved a $3 million grant to be distributed to food banks to pay for food, including salary for employees, and cover essential costs.  

Whatever we can do to support whatever normalcy we can within the household, especially people that are struggling right now, we think is good in and of itself. – said Tamisan Bencz-Knight, Resource Development Co-Coordinator, Edmonton’s Food Bank

The first wave of COVID-19 had left one in seven Canadian homes without sufficient food to eat. As evidence of the pandemic’s effect, a significant rise in the number of people visiting food banks by 25% was noted by the government. Both phases of funds added to the Emergency Food Security Fund have been distributed to national, regional, and local organizations, including Food Banks Canada, Salvation Army, and Community Food Centers Canada.  

Additionally, Ottawa has even invested $50 million to redirect the surplus from the Agri-food sector and $25 million in Nutrition North toward aiding “vulnerable Canadians access food.”  

In addition to the government’s tremendous efforts to fight the pandemic, other food banks have joined hands to do their bit. One such organization is the Edmonton Food Bank. David Benjestort, Vice-Chairman farmed on 9 hectares of his land and donated a huge amount of the 43,000 kgs of harvested food along with numerous other food banks across the country.  

Justin Trudeau adds $100 million to the Emergency Food Security Fund, a great example of helping people in need. With the immense financial impact, the funds directed towards providing food and essential support through the pandemic are a sure sign of getting everyone united and strong. 

Neelam Sawlani
Neelam Sawlani
Neelam is a freelance content writer who enjoys dabbling in anything creative she can find. She spends her free time drawing & in craftwork. She likes to browse the internet, read new things, learn and expand her knowledge. Her family and dogs are what keeps her going.
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