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Microsoft’s Highway to a 100 Unicorns initiative to boost startup ecosystem

Microsoft’s Highway to a 100 Unicorns is their flagship initiative to support startups with mentoring, technology and access to enterprise clients. They have also extended their program to Asia Pacific now.

Startups succeed as they constantly find means to innovate, and big tech giants do not shy away from funding those startups that have the potential to grow big. Microsoft is one of those companies who makes conscious efforts for growth of startups. Microsoft’s Highway to a 100 Unicorns initiative was launched to enable the startup ecosystem in Tier 2 cities across India. Following its success, it is now extended to the Asia Pacific region.

Microsoft for Startups, the parent organization for Highway to a 100 Unicorns, launched the campaign in the Asia Pacific region after observing huge turnout and success in India. In India, only 56 startups were selected from a pool of 15000+ participants for the Emerge X program from 6 states.

Startups play a vital role in our economy as innovators, disruptors and first-movers. Through Highway to a 100 Unicorns, we will enable startups in APAC so they can have real impact in their markets and drive digital innovation in the region. We look forward to walking with more founders along their growth journey and supporting them to scale and achieve more. – said Ricky Kapur, Vice-President of Sales, Marketing and Operations, Microsoft Asia Pacific

Under Microsoft’s Highway to a 100 Unicorns initiative, the startups are highly benefited. Emerge X program opens doors for global market access, a Bootcamp for the founders/owners of the start-ups, mentorship and funding, and guidance on emerging technologies. Through the initiative, Microsoft will work closely with governments and industries to support the startups and the process of entrepreneurship. The motive of Microsoft through the program is to convert these startups to become global enterprises in the upcoming times.

Emerge X is a competition where innovators and entrepreneurs from 16 countries will participate and three companies will be selected for the finals which will be held in November. All the Emerge X participants will get the free GitHub and Azure credits along with dedicated business and technology workshops.

In today’s world, it may not be wrong to say that entrepreneurs and startups are contributing their best to fuel the economy. More than the giants, the startups are involved in Research and Development and are creating breakthrough technologies. Microsoft’s Highway to a 100 Unicorns initiative would strengthen the startup ecosystem in this region and expand its consumer base in the Asia Pacific market.

Varun Aithal
Varun Aithal
A keen observer of polity, football and cricket, Varun is a Mechanical Engineer by profession and a content developer by passion. Being an Engineer, he loves to teach and learn Mathematics. He is a firm believer of learning new things every day. He also enjoys reading books related to self-help, philosophical and fantasy thrillers.
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