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L’Oreal Paris launches ‘Stand Up’ to tackle sexual harassment against women

French cosmetic giant L'Oreal Paris introduces a bystander intervention training program to help people stand up against sexual harassment against women in public places.

L’Oreal Paris is amongst the world’s largest cosmetic companies. They have been leaders of social responsibility and have initiated vigorous programs for decades. Recently, the cosmetic and skincare giant extended its ‘Stand Up’, a global anti-harassment campaign to India. ‘Stand Up’ is an international bystander intervention training program initiated to tackle sexual harassment against women in public places. It has already been launched in a few countries like France, Spain, Italy, and Mexico.

Together we can create a world for girls and women to march confidently forward into a world free from street harassment. – said Pau Gruart, General Manager, L’Oreal Paris India 

L’Oreal Paris conducted a survey in partnership with Ipsos in 2019 to find out cases  on sexual harassment against women in public places and streets. The survey states that almost 78 percent of women worldwide face sexual harassment in public places nearly every day. The survey also states that only 25 percent of the victims claim to have received help and 86 percent of the population when faced with such a situation, didn’t know what to do or how to act.

These findings pushed L’Oreal Paris to take the initiative to bring forth a training program in collaboration with NGO Breakthrough to provide on-ground training to men, women of all origins and all generations. They aim to form a community of 1 million upstanders trained in the 5D’s – Direct, Distract, Delegate, Document, and Delay.

We are very proud to partner with L’Oreal Paris to empower young people to take action for themselves and for others now and in the future. Bystanders are often not equipped to tackle street harassment and feel helpless during such situations. – said Sohini Bhattacharya, India President, and CEO, Breakthrough

Actress Aditi Rao Hydari has been roped in as the ambassador for the ‘Stand Up’ movement in India and has already undergone the training program. 

The training is not only relevant, it’s essential. I am so proud to be a part of this initiative and proud of my brand family. It’s not just for women but men too. I did the training and feel more empowered now. During the training, I realized how simple and effective it is. It will fill you with a sense of purpose and make you realize that you have the power to stop it – said Aditi Rao Hydari, Actress

The training is made available to people free of cost on the official website for the initiative named It is designed so that the user can understand the essence of the training through a series of questions and videos. Once the training is finished, the user is said to have a basic idea of what to do when they undergo sexual harassment or when they see somebody experience it.

According to the cosmetic giant L’Oreal Paris, their ultimate goal is to train 1 million people by 2022 to help tackle sexual harassment against women in public places. The initiative will help people create an environment where women can feel safe in public places and can fulfill their dreams without any obstacles.

Sruthi V Pillai
Sruthi V Pillai
Sruthi is a Bachelor's in Commerce, a voracious reader and part time blogger. She believes life is all about good people, classy music and even fantastic food. She has an inquisitive mind to learn more.
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