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Mamaearth’s plant goodness initiative for green environment

In a current situation where our earth needs us more than ever, Mamaearth's plant goodness initiative to grow saplings is a commendable move.

Mamaearth is a toxin-free personal care brand. Their products promise purity and natural goodness that’s better not only for individuals but also for the planet. Mamaearth’s plant goodness initiative is its commitment to plant saplings towards every order a customer will place on their website. They plan to plant one million trees in the following five years following this effort. 

Mamaearth is founded by husband-wife duo Ghazal Alagh and Varun Alagh. It is Asia’s first manufacturer with Madesafe accredited products which offer 100% toxin-free & organic baby care, skincare, and hair care products. The brand is driven by innovation and employs the best combination of science and Ayurveda. It caters to all personal care needs of young, aspirational, and more conscious Indian customers.

A brand that’s built on the promise of honest, natural, and secure care, Mamaearth considers that goodness begins with the tiny choices that every one of us makes every day. Mamaearth has made these decisions in their products, which are produced from the very best of character, have no toxins, no dangerous chemicals, are animal cruelty-free, and plastic favorable. 

We strongly believe in our philosophy of Goodness inside and serve a bigger purpose with our brand, its offerings, and all initiatives we undertake. Being toxin-free and plastic positive were our first steps towards the betterment of our community as it was time for us to up the ante with our environmental initiative, and hence we decided to pledge to plant one million trees. What differentiates us from others is how we use technology to display honesty and transparency about the process and allow consumers to track their sapling. – said Ghazal Alagh, Co-Founder and CIO, Mamaearth

Further building their brand purpose of “Goodness Inside,” they are now looking to raise and sustain over a million plants, which will improve air quality, soil quality, and groundwater levels. 

Under Mamaearth’s plant goodness initiative, after an order is placed on the site, the brand starts the process of connecting it to a newly planted sapling through its associate SankalpTaru. After the sapling is linked to order, the brand shares the sapling picture with the customer. They inform them about its species, together with the geotag so that the plant can be tracked easily. With their partner’s support, the brand will nurture the tree for the first three years, and the tree would be powerful enough to self-sustain.

Mamaearth has made a strong product portfolio of 120+ merchandise packed with goodness inside in the last four years. The brand has over 2.5 million clients in 500 Indian cities and is the fastest-growing FMCG startup to reach 300 Cr run rate in India. Their commitment to toxin-free products for customers has been quite popular. Mamaearth’s plant goodness initiative is an extension of their promise to natural goodness, which is significant to save the earth.

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