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Amazon launches Alexa Print that uses voice commands to print documents

Amazon introduced a brand-new Alexa-enabled printing function, "Alexa Print", that allows Echo device owners to use voice commands to print documents like to-do lists, recipes, weekly calendar and much more.

Amazon’s brand-new Alexa Print feature extends the voice feature right into the physical world with many brand-new commands that enable the AI to provide a physical action to an inquiry or demand. Alexa can publish to-do checklists, recipes, a weekly schedule, educational material for children, and some games, like Sudoku or crosswords, puzzles, and a lot more.

A few of the web content originates from Alexa itself, like your usual order list or shopping list, for instance – some people still typically like to write down on a paper.

A lot of the material Alexa can currently print comes from third parties. Amazon dealt with Alexa skill makers Allrecipes, Los Angeles Times, and JumpStart Academy, to allow printing of various other files like educational worksheets, puzzles, recipes, and even more.

That indicates you can simply say things like “Alexa, print a crossword,” or “Alexa, print a breakfast recipe,” and a lot more.


A few of these voice commands might be better than others. Having the ability to print “last Sunday’s crossword,” followed by “last Sunday’s crossword responses,” can be enjoyable for those that no more get a newspaper to read yet miss out on the puzzles.

For school kids, nonetheless, there are a couple of commands that can be worth utilizing. Alexa can currently be guided to print out “graph paper” or “lined paper,” which saves you from buying an entire ream or running out of paper when required. Homeschooling teachers or tutors and parents might also value the capability to print mathematics worksheets to supplement their remote education curriculum.

The Alexa-enabled printing feature works with any second-generation Echo device or newer and several IPP-enabled compatible printers. If you want to check that if your printer works with the feature, you can do so by saying, “Alexa, discover my printer.”.

The feature additionally offers you Low Supply Notifications as well as Smart Reorders alternative. Alexa gets information regarding your ink or printer toner supply degrees when you link your printer to Alexa and advises you through e-mail or voice when your product supply level is reduced.

Alexa has had the ability to print with specific printers- like supported HP printers. Alexa Print is Amazon‘s initial effort to function straight with printer-makers. Alexa Print is a helpful feature for those working remotely and teaching kids at home.

To put it simply, Alexa Print isn’t practically assisting Echo owners conveniently print documents, it’s additionally a means to produce extra e-commerce sales by taking advantage of the current scenario of work from home as well as online learning as the pandemic continues.

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