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Edtech firms on a hiring spree

With online education gaining momentum, edtech space is set to hire software engineers, product managers, faculty and content creators.

COVID-19 has hit the livelihood of many and affected almost all the industries across the globe. While it may have been worrisome for some, it also created opportunities for others. The pandemic forced multiple businesses to go online, and edtech firms are one of them. With colleges and schools being shut and education curriculum going online, it has opened the space for firms and startups to fast forward their strategies and use technology in their business, eventually making way for hiring more and more workforce to support them. 

According to reports, there are multiple vacancies in the edtech firms, and the companies are recruiting in large numbers. The lockdown has increased the demand for elearning, and it has resulted in exponential revenue growth of edtech firms. Initially, these firms were restricted to metropolitan cities, but they have even reached tier-2 cities and villages. 

There are multiple roles offered by these firms during the pandemic. The functions which are in high demand are technology, business development associates, content developers and faculty. Technology plays a vital role in edtech growth, and there has been a massive jump in hiring software engineers who can help design a robust online platform. To understand the market and present a revolutionary product, product managers are required. Similarly, brand awareness is essential, and according to the renowned BARC-Nielsen report, there is a 128% growth in the money spent on digital ads. 

On the other hand, focus on exclusivity has taken a paradigm shift when it comes to content for online channels. The content needs to be fresh and engaging. This has raised the demand for influential faculty and collaboration with industry professionals.

Recently, edtech startup WhiteHat Jr announced that they are planning to recruit 20,000 educators by year-end. The company believes that teachers remain the backbone of the product and are the driving force in their vision to make kids creators of technology. WhiteHat Jr was recently acquired by Byju’s and currently has 7000+ teachers on its platform.

In line with this vision, we are delighted to offer a long-term career roadmap to thousands of teachers in the country, and we are thrilled with the response, – said Karan Bajaj, CEO, and founder of WhiteHat Jr.

Edtech firms like Unacademy are raising funds to meet their ends and grow in the market. On the other hand, Byjus has become one of the top-sought learning platforms across the country. The offline classes are shifting slowly to online, which is increasing the demand for technology. To grow exponentially, hiring the talents is an important step and the edtech firms are the one which is offering the jobs in plenty.

Varun Aithal
Varun Aithal
A keen observer of polity, football and cricket, Varun is a Mechanical Engineer by profession and a content developer by passion. Being an Engineer, he loves to teach and learn Mathematics. He is a firm believer of learning new things every day. He also enjoys reading books related to self-help, philosophical and fantasy thrillers.
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