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Google declares three-day weekend for ‘collective wellbeing’ of employees

Google takes yet another initiative for its employees' health and well-being and decided to give an extra day off to preserve 'collective wellbeing' and support work from home norm.

It is officially six months right into working from home, and people almost everywhere have begun to feel the stress and are finding it challenging to manage the office and personal life. What appeared like a real blessing at first has transformed into a baneful scenario. All companies are now working on their back to work strategy. While Google had already extended its work from home policy until June 2021 and to ensure colleagues get much needed time for themselves, the tech giant has decided to offer an added day off to prevent stress and maintain ‘collective wellbeing’ of its employees during the COVID-19.

Previously, Google stated September 4, as a ‘collective wellbeing’ single paid vacation for all its staff members to eliminate tension and alleviation for them. Google now expanded this day-off in advance of the Labor Day in the United States, to a full-time vacation for all its employees. Employees that are taken into consideration as contractors or short-term, service providers or suppliers would not be entitled to this vacation.

The internal forum for employees states, We strongly encourage you to take this day off, and managers should actively support their team to reprioritize work commitments in order to do so,

The long weekend is subjective to urgent work requirements and if employees require to function on a Friday, they must take the following readily available functioning day off.

The technical team will not be able to enjoy the privilege of Fridays off, but Google is searching for methods to compensate them with a comparable course of getaway. Some staff members also wanted to take a few other days as a vacation. The company has mentioned in an interior message that it is not an alternative.
This added vacation is limited to the pandemic and will not be added to the yearly schedule, which indicates that it is just particular to 2020 to look after Google employee’s wellness amidst the tension of the pandemic and its after-effects.
“We’d like you to take this time off together as one team to better allow for detachment as a global community,” Google said.

This campaign by Google has taken the internet by storm. Previously, Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai had asked employees to take time off on May 22, to resolve work from home related exhaustion throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 has had serious implications on everything – majorly economy and developing a new way of working for employees worldwide. Google has always been a favorite among professionals because of its culture, employee benefits and flexible ways of working. The three-day weekend initiative is a step ahead to ensure its employees are relieved from stress during the pandemic.

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