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Google’s new edtech tools claim to improve classroom engagement

Google’s new edtech tools claim to improve classroom engagement

Google announced 50 new features under its “Anywhere School” program, aimed at simplifying administration and management of online teaching programs all around the world. Google has been continuously working on upgrading its platforms, and Google’s new edtech tools are already showing great results.

Updates include many new features in Google Meet, the company’s flagship video conferencing service. The update enables up to 49 participants which currently has 16 tiles to a larger tile window, bringing it at par with Zoom. Meet is also set to have an integrated digital whiteboard experience through Jamboard.

While tech is only part of the solution and there’s still a lot of work left to do, it’s clear that technology will have a unique part in shaping the future of education. – Avni Shah, Vice President of Education at Google

Starting October, users will be able to experience Breakout rooms in Google Meet, useful for moderating small groups for discussions. The feature also includes Attendance tracker and Bulk Approve/ Reject request for joining a meeting. Features like these are undoubtedly useful for edtech platforms, thereby increasing the chances of its adoption. Moderators can also choose always to join first, end meetings, and disable in-meeting chats to keep away nefarious pupils involved. A new hand-raising feature would also be available to all customers post-September, along with a Q&A and polling feature introduced for G-Suite Enterprise for Education customers.

Google Classroom is also planning to roll out a To-do Widget that helps students see what’s coming up. G-Suite, on the other hand, is working on launching a Plagiarism detector that not only works against webpages but also between students’ submission at school. Updates also include syncing classroom grades with a seamless push to Student Information Systems (SIS) portal.

Adding to Google’s new edtech tools, the new Assignments product works as a faster way to distribute, analyze and grade students’ work, effectively eliminating the redundancy involved. Google also announced plans to launch a Citation tool that enables formatting and managing sources directly in Google Docs.

Both Classroom, and Assignments can access originality reports to review classwork for potential plagiarism. In addition, G Suite Enterprise for Education customers will be able to use originality reports to also check for potential plagiarism among students in their school. – stated by Google

Google acquired the mobile learning app Socratic last year, capitalizing on using its technology and integrating it with its lens. Unequivocally new to the edtech platform, the feature promises to enable a step by step solution of a difficult math problem by simply clicking a picture of it on the lens and highlighting the equation. In May, Google launched the augmented reality feature within Search that helped to view 3D anatomy models and cellular structures. The Socratic update appears as the most futuristic and useful one for Google’s new edtech tools.

As we advance from classroom to virtual learning, the education industry progresses into a much more technology-driven industry. With present needs, launching useful products, solving customer problems, and inculcating growth in our learning is a must. Google’s contribution to the field is commendable. The Anywhere School program makes learning approachable and attractive to people across the globe.

Shahzer Rahman
Shahzer Rahman
Shahzer is an explorer at heart. His mantra for leading a good life is “being out there, hunting for opportunities.” He is a mechanical engineer by profession and his interest lies in poetry and film editing.
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