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Nobel Prize 2020 in Medicine for discovering Hepatitis C

Harvey J. Alter, Charles M. Rice, and Micheal Houghton share the Nobel Prize 2020 in Medicine for their seminal discovery, leading to identifying a novel virus/Hepatitis C virus.

In the recent change of events, three scientists from different parts of the world have found the method to isolate the Hepatitis C virus. The trio of Harvey J. Alter, Charles M. Rice, and Micheal Houghton has been awarded the Nobel prize 2020 in Medicine for their methods to discover the virus.

Prior to their work, the discovery of Hepatitis A and B viruses had been critical steps forward, but the majority of blood-borne hepatitis cases remained unexplained. The discovery of Hepatitis C virus revealed the cause of the remaining cases of chronic hepatitis and made possible blood tests and new medicines that have saved millions of lives, – said Nobel Assembly at Karolinska Institute

Among the three scientists awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize 2020 in Medicine, Harvey James Alter is the most senior researcher. He is an 85-year-old American scientist who is awarded the most decorated US award, Distinguished Service Medal. Distinguished Service Medal is the highest honor given to a civilian by the US government for public health service. He has also won the 2000 Albert Lasker Award for Clinical Medical Research.

The second-amongst the scientists is the 71-year-old Micheal Houghton, who is a Karl Landsteiner Memorial Awardee and is currently associated with the University of Alberta situated in Canada. Micheal Hughton is a British scientist who is known for declining the prestigious Lasker Award in 2013.

Charles M. Rice is the youngest scientist of the trio who has been working in the field of Hepatitis C virus since the beginning of his career. The researcher is associated with the Rockefeller University of New York.

The findings will be a significant discovery to save millions of lives who are daily going through pain without proper Medicine. This discovery has helped design sensitive blood tests that eventually eliminates the risk of transfusion-transmitted hepatitis. It has also helped develop antiviral drugs for hepatitis C and raised hopes of eradicating the virus worldwide.

Hepatitis C virus had remained unconquered for the scientists, causing a massive issue to humanity. With scientists being able to isolate the virus, it can be a giant stride towards eradicating chronic diseases. Thanks to the work of Harvey J. Alter, Charles M. Rice, and Micheal Houghton, who shared the Nobel Prize 2020 in Medicine.

Varun Aithal
Varun Aithal
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