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Apple Watch Series 6 now with an inbuilt oxymeter

Apple Watch Series 6 has a blood oxygen sensor that can help monitor the amount of oxygen in human blood during the day and night. It charges faster than its contemporaries.

Apple has unveiled the new Apple Watch Series 6 in its line of famous smartwatches. The Series 6 model retains the same overall architecture launched with the Apple Watch Series 4 and continues with the Series 5 but introduces a range of additional sensors to allow blood oxygen tracking and improved sleep monitoring.

Apple states that Apple Watch Series 6 will measure blood oxygen levels in around 15 seconds, using both red and infrared light. The firm claims it is working with health networks to conduct large-scale trials using the latest blood oxygen monitoring functionality, including tests to see whether it can determine whether a person is contaminated with COVID-19.

Apple Watch Series 6 completely redefines what a watch can do. With powerful new features, including a Blood Oxygen sensor and app,1 Apple Watch becomes even more indispensable by providing further insight into overall well-being. – said Jeff Williams, CEO, Apple

The Blood Oxygen sensor uses clusters of green, red, and infrared LEDs, together with four photodetectors on the back of the Apple Watch crystal, to determine the light reflected from the blood.

Apple Watch, therefore, uses a sophisticated software algorithm built into the Blood Oxygen software, which is programmed to calculate between 70% and 100% of blood oxygen. It also houses the new generation always-on altimeter and comes with a waterproof rating.

The Apple Watch now provides mental well-being monitoring tools to monitor heart attacks and elevated stress levels. It also includes routine relaxation techniques to control tension levels. Besides, the smartwatch offers sleep monitoring using a mix of accelerometer data and app tweaks available from watchOS 7. Apple reports that the Apple Watch Series 6 promises up to 18 hours of battery life.

The latest Apple Watch Series 6 doesn’t offer the same spectacular hardware enhancements as in Series 4. Instead, the trend continues with more case finishes and color offerings, enhanced performance with an upgraded processor, and substantially more robust health monitoring. 

Health has been a key development area for Apple Watch since its launch, most prominently adding sleep monitoring, accessibility indicators, and hearing well-being warnings to WatchOS 7. The most significant health aspect of this year’s Series 6 may be the control of SpO2 or the ability to track oxygen saturation in the blood.

Apple Fitness+, a wellness service that syncs with the device to display Apple Watch Stats alongside a growing collection of music-based exercise content, was another major announcement. The latest Apple Watch range will also come without AC adapters in the package as part of Apple’s 2030 contribution to the environment.

Apple products are intended to make healthcare more compassionate. Apple has long been concerned with well-being, and Tim Cook has gone so far as to suggest that this may be the area in which the organization will make the biggest contribution to mankind.

Niharika Mahendra
Niharika Mahendra
Niharika always had a passion for writing, which made her choose content writing as her career. She is also a marketer by profession. She loves nature, and the mountains never cease to amaze her.
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