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Businesses that mix AI with skilling initiatives win – Microsoft

Microsoft’s new research says organizations that combine AI with skilling initiatives generate more value from AI.

Microsoft India revealed new research that says organizations working to combine AI with skilling initiatives tend to generate more value from the technology. The online survey was conducted with around 12000 employees from enterprise companies worldwide. 

Findings of the research underline the fact that mature AI firms (firms that have been exposed to AI for a while now and have been doing business using it) are confident about the return combining AI with skilling initiatives. Over 93 percent of leaders and senior executives surveyed were sure that their business was gaining value from AI. As per Microsoft, the research’s main aim was to look at the skills needed to thrive as AI becomes increasingly adopted by the business. 

As we look to rebound and reimagine the future after months of economic fluidity, technology will play a key role in rebooting enterprises. AI is at the heart of digital transformation and will continue to play a critical role in helping businesses be more agile, resilient and competitive during this time. However, the path of unlocking the full potential of AI lies in combining its deployment with skilling initiatives that focus on both tech and soft skills.– said Dr Rohini Srivathsa, National Technology Officer, Microsoft India

An integral process in analyzing the survey was to divide it into categories based on the level of AI adoption in the said company. The companies’ AI maturity has been broadly divided into three different segments, namely, Beginners, Intermediates, and Leading. The survey results also show that almost all the senior executives and employees found a direct link between having the skills required in an AI environment and the value organization gains from its implementation. 

The research further reveals that AI leading companies are actively combining AI with skilling initiatives to develop their people’s skills further. Over 93 percent of the employees at these firms have already been a part of reskilling programs and have been actively participating in providing strategic benefits to the companies. 

The combination of AI with skilling initiatives is helping businesses thrive. Impressively, at the time the survey was conducted, almost 98 percent of AI leading firms in India were investing in upskilling employees and were looking for ways to unlock digital capabilities. 97 percent of business leaders in India are promoting financial rewards to promote even quicker AI adoption. 72 percent of AI backed companies in India are using AI to help their people develop new products and services while 53 percent are doing so for improving customer experience.

As per the survey, the majority of employees are motivated to acquire AI relevant skills. Employers are also noticing employees’ inclination towards AI adoption, thereby leading to substantial cultural development at workplaces.

Shahzer Rahman
Shahzer Rahman
Shahzer is an explorer at heart. His mantra for leading a good life is “being out there, hunting for opportunities.” He is a mechanical engineer by profession and his interest lies in poetry and film editing.


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