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Domino’s Pizza leads by example via ‘Zero contact delivery’

Dominos Pizza came to the rescue of its consumers by launching a ‘zero contact delivery’ option to avail their service in the middle of a pandemic. This contactless option enables customers to request their food to be left at the doorstep to avoid any communication.

As we know it, the world changed overnight when it was hit with the COVID-19 pandemic earlier this year. Consequently, lifestyles were moved to staying inside the doors, and the connections with the outside world were withdrawn. 
However, this didn’t stop Domino’s Pizza to put in it’s best effort to tackle the global emergency and bring forth the concept of ‘zero contact service’ to the market. Around 1325 Domino’s franchises spread all across the country have now opted for the service, keeping in mind the safety of their customers and their delivery staff alike.

We have today launched Zero Contact Delivery. Customers can place an online order through the Domino’s app, ask for Zero Contact Delivery, and pay digitally. We will then deliver the Domino’s pizzas to customers without any physical contact with our guests. Customer and Employee safety is our No.1 priority, and we are taking all measures towards that.” said Mr. Pratik Pota, the CEO & Whole Time Director of Jubilant FoodWorks, when asked to comment on this initiative by the brand. 

The concept of contactless delivery allows the restaurant to deliver the order to their customers without any physical communication taking place between the two parties. Leading by example, Domino’s Pizza made the correct use of digitalization at the right time. From placing the order to paying for it, everything is digitalized utilizing the mobile/desktop app of Domino’s. 

Consumers are requested to install the latest version of the Domino’s App to use this service of zero contact and safe distance pay. When placing the order, one should opt for the ‘Zero Contact Delivery Option’ and make the payments online to avoid any physical contact with the staff. 

Once the order reaches the doorstep, the delivery expert places a carry bag at the customer’s front door and steps back to maintain a safe distance. The expert waits until the parcel is collected.

The safety and hygiene levels are always at their hundred percent, as delivery bikes, bike boxes, and the hot bags are sanitized every day in four-hour intervals. 

Domino’s Pizza initiative inspired other restaurants and competitors to offer consumers what they deserved. Even though the world was fighting a pandemic together, these restaurants ensured that they were offering whatever help they could to make this transition from life outside to the house arrest a little easy.

At the same time, these efforts also aimed to make sure the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on revenue numbers can be minimized. While it may seem like a selfish undertaking, it is good to remember that many people depend on such brands for their employment during a time when mass layoffs are becoming increasingly common.

McDonald’s and other food delivery platforms like Swiggy and Zomato also announced their undertaking of this measure. All the safety measures and procedures are being taken care of by the restaurants. 

Consumer brands are now taking various little steps to ease the adaptation of lockdown amid the rise of the global pandemic. As scary as it may be, this global emergency has led to bringing the people together. Brands are slowly becoming even more consumer-centric than before. They are fighting hard to find innovative ways to bring their products to the consumers while keeping their safety as the topmost priority.

What do you think Domino’s Pizza via Zero Contact Delivery?

Srishti Bajaj
Srishti Bajaj
Srishti is a pastry-chef turned writer. She is a copywriter, a blog editor, and sometimes a backpacker translating visuals into words. She is always up for new challenges, meeting new people, and heading to the mountains.
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