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Forest Positive Coalition of Action: A step towards forest future

The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) has officially launched the Forest Positive Coalition of Action to remove deforestation and forest degradation from key commodity supply chains.

Joining hands with 17 global consumer brands, retailers, and manufacturers, the Forest Positive Coalition of Action is working towards ‘accelerating systemic efforts’ to eliminate deforestation and forest degradation from key commodity supply chains of palm oil, soy, paper, and pulp and fiber-based packaging. The initiative has been taken after the UK government suggested legislation that would fine food firms for using products such as cocoa, soy, and palm oil grown on lands that are subjected to illegal deforestation

The Forest Positive Coalition of Action, co-sponsored by Carrefour and Mars, Incorporated, has brought together some of the world’s largest consumer brands bringing their collective market value up to a whopping $1.8 million. Among the other 15 members are Colgate-Palmolive Company, Danone, Essity, General Mills, Grupo Bimbo, Jeronimo Martins, METRO AG, Mondelez International, Nestle, P & G, Pepsico, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Unilever, and Walmart

We believe forest protection is a driver of economic growth, not a sacrifice to growth. Forest protection provides healthy ecosystems and supports productive landscapes and resilient communities. In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, we must ensure that efforts to protect forests are part of the global response. This response requires all actors with interest in ending deforestation and who are committed to being part of the solution to come together. – Grant Reid, President & CEO, Mars, Incorporated and CGF Board Co-Sponsor of the Forest Positive Coalition 

With so many powerful and influential brands becoming a part of the initiative, it is easier for CGF to fulfill their hope to use their collective reach and knowledge. Their strategy rounds up global networks, producers, suppliers and traders, governments, and civil society to promote and action forest positive solutions. 

The Forest Positive Coalition of Action focuses on four areas. With commodity operations being their first and foremost concern, suppliers and traders have been entrusted with implementing forest positive actions across the entire commodity operations. 

Additionally, they hope to exercise the collective voice of all members of the coalition to advocate the cause and involve the government and stakeholders to support and facilitate forest conservation. Transparency and accountability have always been key to seeing an initiative. The coalition plans to see this through with regular progress reports. 

“We are actively changing our model in order to become forest positive businesses. We are fully committed to engaging supply chain actors, taking action on the ground, and working collectively to catalyse change. Multi-stakeholder action is critical, particularly political engagement at the national and regional levels, as is strong support from the investment community.” – said Alexandre Bompard, Chairman and CEO, Carrefour and CGF Board Co-Sponsor of the Forest Positive Coalition 

Having used their past experiences and attempts at forest conservation as an example, CGF has identified their proven effective strategies to give their new initiative a fresh and powerful boost. They also analyzed the sector endangering the forest the most and were able to narrow down the commodity sector as the key focus area of action. They have set out a roadmap of steps to be actioned and achieved over the next 2-3 years. 

Forest endangering has been a concern for many years. While numerous attempts have been made to adopt a forest positive approach, efforts have fallen short. This coalition has grouped some of the biggest, most influential names, substantially increasing the hope and probability of the initiative being successful.

Neelam Sawlani
Neelam Sawlani
Neelam is a freelance content writer who enjoys dabbling in anything creative she can find. She spends her free time drawing & in craftwork. She likes to browse the internet, read new things, learn and expand her knowledge. Her family and dogs are what keeps her going.
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