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New Education Policy to play a key role in Atmanirbhar Bharat

PM Narendra Modi believes the New Education Policy (NEP) will play a key role in self-reliant India. The Government aims to empower the country's youth, which in turn will boost the nation's initiatives.

2020 brought many changes, most notable has been the New Education Policy, which is designed keeping in mind the global standards of education. The policy aims to provide quality education to the youth by encouraging them to use the technology, thus transforming the old school teaching methods and stress of endless examinations.

With the Pandemic hitting the country, Atmanirbhar Bharat became the need of the hour, and that is when India decided to extend its focus on self-reliance. New Education Policy is a key element for the Atmanirbhar Bharat campaign. The policy mentions universal access to school education at all levels through infrastructure support, innovative education centers, open schooling, vocational courses. All these changes give foreign universities new opportunities to set up their campuses in India, which becomes a critical aspect of promoting the Atmanirbhar Bharat campaign. 

NEP is for the youths of the 21st century who will lead the world and make India the global leader in science and technology. – said Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

For the initial reforms, the school curriculum includes vocational skill training, preparing holistic report cards, and adopting the local language as a medium of instruction. As part of the implementation program, the government schools will take the lead in preparing a year-long structured curriculum for vocational education programs.

As per the latest reports, the education ministry has drawn up a 60-point action plan for reforming the schooling system and aims to serve students with the same by the academic year 2022-23. 

We have been having discussions with education experts and state government officials over the past few weeks. The time is ripe to kick-start the first phase, and, by FY22-end, the first set of reforms will be in place, – said a government official

With India’s strong plan of action and implementation schemes, Atmanirbhar Bharat seems to be a reality in the near future and looks like India’s chance of standing out amongst all the developed nations. The country has geared up to shape and upskill its youth.  

NEP focuses on critical thinking and goes beyond the concept of studying. This encourages students to put forward their ideas and contribute to the nation from a very young age. Students will no longer be confined to think within old school ways. With the integration of technology and research, students are ready to march together with the country towards being a self-reliant nation. 

When hit up by the pandemic like every other nation, India geared up and figured out its ways to fight with it. With the plans of being a self-reliant nation, introducing a New Education Policy has been a game-changer. PM Modi believes that holistic knowledge, of which science is an integral part, is the answer to all problems. 

Aambhi Singh
Aambhi Singh
Aambhi is a freelance content writer & holds a Bachelor degree in Commerce. She is an extrovert, enjoys connecting with people, and often astounds them with her cooking and awkward singing. Good books and interesting places have her heart.
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