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How to code? The best programming platforms – A breakdown

Some individuals find machine language much more interesting than human language. Here are a few platforms that teach us coding and programming like a pro.

Coding and programming rules the world. It has become as important as reading, writing, and other necessary skills. In this fast-moving technological era, understanding the basics of the tech language has become a mandatory requirement. It has become a medium for solving problems and a way in which people communicate with computers. Lets learn about the best programming platforms out there.

As the number of people who want to learn to code increases, platforms that provide such courses is also increasing. But finding the best programming platforms among them is a herculean task. While browsing through the best platforms that strive to transform the world of coding and programming through tech learning, there’s SOAL which is India’s first hybrid coding boot camp for people looking forward to enhancing their skills and abilities in the field of coding and programming. They offer both full time and part time courses according to individual interest. 

Similarly, there’s Udacity and Coding Ninjas, which solely focuses on teaching individuals coding and programming. They have a wide range of courses and an even better line up of faculties. Udacity also offers a job-guarantee program, after the completion of their nanodegree courses. 

In addition to coding, SP Robotics is an edutainment company that focuses on teaching students about various next-generation skills such as Robotics, Internet of things (IoT), Application development, etc. They aim to provide an ecosystem to learn, experiment, compete, and develop a child’s interest. Their courses include learning through practical experiments using highly sophisticated kits. They mainly focus on providing hands-on experience on all the latest technologies with ease of learning from anywhere.  

SP Robotics has 75+ dedicated centers in India and has bagged 35+ awards and recognitions.  

The Co-founder and CTO of S P Robotics, Pranavan S, stated in an interview that At SP Robotic works, we are working to provide solutions, wherein concepts are taught using animation videos and real world examples. 

On a global level, edX is a platform for learning and education that aims to transform traditional education, remove barriers of cost, location, and access for students. They are the leading Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) provider. They have over 120 institutional partners. edX has more than ten coding programs that are paid and provide a professional certificate. 

They also have more than 100 courses on coding, which is free with just a minimum charge for the certificate alone. They also offer MicroBachelors program and MicroMasters program that are undergraduate and graduate level programs on career advancement.

Codecademy, again provides a sole focus on tech education and provides a wide range of coding and programming courses. They aim to create an engaging educational experience that is quite different from the traditional classroom experience. 

In codecademy, they offer courses on various programming languages such as HTML & CSS, C++, Javascript, Python, Ruby, SQL, and much more. They also provide various courses on web development, data science, machine learning, web design, code foundations, etc.

On other hand, Coursera also makes the list of the best programming platforms. It is an online global platform for CS and programming students. They work in connection with top universities across the world. It helps individuals become job-ready by offering a professional certificate that confirms the completion of the course. They also provide applicants with online degrees and master track certificates after completion of a master’s program. 

Coursera offer coding courses from top universities such as the University of Michigan, Princeton University, Duke University and the University of California. They have also collaborated with Google for specific courses. Coursera also offers financial support to people who don’t have enough resources to pay for the course. 

As the best low-cost place to learn, Udemy is a global marketplace for both educators and students to learn and engage. It aims at providing students with top-notch instructors. They have almost 130K courses in 65+ languages, thus creating a worldwide platform. In Udemy, there are both paid and free courses available.

Since technology has made people’s lives ten times easier and far more comfortable, it is okay to believe that coding and programming is, in fact, a necessary skill. The availability of such platforms indeed showcases the interest of the upcoming generation in the field of technology. 

Sruthi V Pillai
Sruthi V Pillai
Sruthi is a Bachelor's in Commerce, a voracious reader and part time blogger. She believes life is all about good people, classy music and even fantastic food. She has an inquisitive mind to learn more.
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