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Freedrum Smart Drum revolutionizing the art of drumming

Learn the fundamentals of drumming with the Freedrum Smart Drum Kit. It offers a peaceful and comfortable alternative to a standard set of drums.

Freedrum Smart Drum Kit is a virtual drum kit that aims to carry the drumming experience to the outdoors, the couch, or any other location one can access from their mobile. Freedrum Smart Drum Kit is built to create a unique environment for drummers at any skill level, whether the user is an emerging drummer or a professional!

The Freedrum is the pet project of August Bering, a skilled and enthusiastic drummer who, as part of a quest to formulate an alternative to heavy, noisy conventional drum kits, developed the Freedrum movement. The first version of the Freedrum was completed after several years of testing, creation, prototyping, and the Kickstarter project commenced.

Learning any skill or a musical instrument, for instance, is never too late. A massively successful Kickstarter initiative, Freedrum Smart Drum Kit aims to revamp the world of drumming, music, and compact jamming activity. 

Freedrum Smart Drum Kit places the player in charge of what is basically an intangible drum kit, using advanced motion recognition technologies to detect the user’s attacks, consisting of a series of sensors that connect to the user’s sticks and feet.

To use the drum kit, users need to slide the drumsticks on the sensors, pair them with the smartphone, and take it wherever they go. It’s so convenient. It doesn’t need an internet connection and operates primarily on a battery that can keep them drumming for a week of daily use. The units of Freedrum Smart Drum Kit are interchangeable, meaning users will not have to buy special units for feet. 

The Freedrum is made up of small, highly lightweight, and reliable Bluetooth sensors. A high-capacity LiPo battery operates every sensor. It uses a gyroscope to be deciphered by the app or smartphone inside a PCB enclosure that senses the sticks or feet’ movements and converts them into Bluetooth MIDI standard data.

Whenever it relates to battery life, the smart package lasts up to 14 hours when it’s fully charged. That means, due to Bluetooth features, the users can drum all night, even though everyone else is fast asleep. This is a perfect way to learn the fundamentals.

Owing to hardware constraints that cannot be worked around in the latest generation of Android devices, Android apps suffer from a tiny microsecond latency, which is minimal enough to not impact audio playback but is crucial in fast reaction time activities such as drumming.

The Freedrum is available in iOS and Garageband compliant and is suggested for iOS 10.0 or later iPhones and iPads. 

The Garageband incorporation makes Freedrum Smart Drum Kit suitable for outlining fills, generating rhythms or sequencing music, and even manually manipulating drumlines.

A noiseless drum can sound weird, but for people who live in apartment complexes, have roommates, or enjoy practicing in the early hours of the morning, learning drumming may be a huge challenge. Freedrum Smart Drum Kit comes to the rescue by offering a silent way to play the drums. Identified as a “virtual drum kit that fits in your pocket,” the Freedrum Smart Drum Kit made its way into the online music and tech world with a roaring sound.

Niharika Mahendra
Niharika Mahendra
Niharika always had a passion for writing, which made her choose content writing as her career. She is also a marketer by profession. She loves nature, and the mountains never cease to amaze her.
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