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Hyundai’s all-electric RM20e sports car is now here

Hyundai launched the all-electric RM20e racing midship sports car inspired by an electrified TCR race car

Hyundai has been around us for a while now, majorly winning markets in the daily use, road legal vehicle segment. The brand has been repeatedly associated with good value and reliability, which is excellent, but somehow the cars always lacked a fun element. They introduced the N segment to fix the problem, now headed by the ex-BMW head, Albert Biermann. The freshly launched all-electric RM20e is one of the newest “N” cars.  

Our new electrified RM20e pushes the proven RM platform forcefully into a new, environmentally-focused decade of the 21st century, stretching the performance envelope of electrification on normal road environments- said Albert Biermann, President & Head, Research & Development, Hyundai Motor Group

Hyundai Motor Company introduced the car at the Beijing International Automotive exhibition 2020. While the RM nomenclature refers to what they love calling the “Racing Midship” line, derived from the rear drive, midship powertrain configuration, the “N” in the vehicle comes from Hyundai’s oldest working RnD facility in Namyang, Korea, and their testing ground at Nurburgring, Germany. 

Since the inception of the RM project, Hyundai has repeatedly delivered powerful vehicles like the RM14, RM15, and others. In 2019, they launched their first electric race car, developed for the eTCR electric touring racing series, in Frankfurt.  

In what seems to be based on the 2019 “Veloster N,” the all-electric RM20e claims to produce 960Nm of torque and 596 kW of electric motor power. The vehicle is expected to blast the 0-100kph in less than three seconds while hitting the 0-200 mark at 9.88 seconds. 

The all-electric RM20e also boasts of thrilling acceleration, symbiotic with electric motors. The company’s recent partnership with Croatia-based Rimac Automobili has accelerated Battery electric vehicles (BEV) and other Fuel cell prototypes.  

Moving forward, Hyundai N not only increases drivers’ heartbeats per minute via powerful internal combustion engines, but also through the instantaneous torque and environmental sustainability of reliable electrified powertrains. RM20e proves that N driving excitement will not be compromised, even in electrified model variants – said Thomas Schemera, Executive VP & Head of Hyundai Motor Group’s Product Division

Hyundai’s high-performance N series was developed to participate in one of the most challenging competitions, the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC). Based out of Alzenau, Germany, the company wanted to develop a long term, reliable and sporty brand that wins competitions and could be refined to achieve ever-increasing perfection.

The high-performance vehicles are repeatedly tested at Nurburgring Nordschleife, home to one of the most enduring and famous racetracks. The N in the logo derives from the infamous Nurburgring Schikane, one of the most challenging racetrack segments.

Hyundai’s all-electric RM20e comes with power and torque, mighty enough to get you cuffed up in your seat. As the company forays into different arenas, motorsport enthusiast and sustainability advocates relate a sense of achievement amidst burgeoning hopes on Hyundai and their engineering teams.

Shahzer Rahman
Shahzer Rahman
Shahzer is an explorer at heart. His mantra for leading a good life is “being out there, hunting for opportunities.” He is a mechanical engineer by profession and his interest lies in poetry and film editing.
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