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ODS to provide digital dental tools for Medicaid members

The Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS) has developed Dental Optimizer, a dental portal to provide digital dental tools for Medicaid providers and subscribers.

Dental Optimizer, a suite of award-winning dental devices, is being created to provide digital dental tools for Medicaid service providers and subscribers in collaboration with ODS Community Dental. Through this web app, one can find and book teledentistry and appointments with a simple process and connect with the Delta Dental members they currently serve as well as prospective patients in their area.

The Dental Optimizer group discovered that Medicaid individuals did not have access to teledentistry devices, had problem organizing visits, and had difficulty preparing the transport required to show up on time. It was important to develop digital dental tools to address their needs. Some Medicaid individuals also reported being refuted solutions upon arrival due to diabetes, foster children, pregnancy, etc. all required referral before the treatment process.

Greg Hansen, Director Dental Medicaid, and Subsidiaries for Moda Inc. stated that ODS covers a segment of the market who is consistently underserved. 

When it comes to digital tools, there are very few for the Medicaid world. Especially in dental. We decided to do something about it by adapting our award-winning digital tools for the Medicaid market

ODS Medicaid site fixes these troubles with online booking tools, consultation, information, teledentistry features, and a lot more, making digital dental tools accessible for everyone. They can also compare providers, schedule appointments, check their benefits etc.

Medicaid suppliers gain from online visit reservation and automated consultation comply with e-mails, messages, and send notifications to their patients. They can additionally share therapy strategies and follow up with them. These devices are complimentary for providers and members.

According to Sam Dyer, who led the creation of these tools, Dental Optimizer presents critical information, without overburdening Medicaid members with unnecessary plan details.  

Medicaid plan facilitators can currently make substantial improvements to their provider experience from a single platform. With instinctive attributes developed especially for the Medicaid populace, Dental Optimizer indicates the future of dental treatment monitoring devices.

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