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Recruiter.com and Beeline partnership to launch a diversity supplier solution

Inclusion and diversity are significant to an organization's success. Recruiter.com and Beeline partnership has been newly added to companies that focus on leading a diversity driven business.

Recruiter.com is one of the world’s leading hiring platforms for the largest network of recruiters. With over 26,000 recruiters active on the platform, the company connects the hiring community across the globe. Beeline is the market leader in providing the contingent workforce solution with its vendor management system. Recruiter.com and Beeline partnership was recently announced that would bring to market a unique, diversity-focused network of recruiters to Beeline customers.

The one-to-many dynamic of Recruiter.com means our customers simply add one more supplier but get the benefit of thousands. This particular endeavor focuses on diversity and providing access to under-represented firms and talent. We have a duty to keep leading our industry, and we are very proud of this partnership. – said Doug Leeby, CEO, Beeline

Beeline uses the vendor management system that offers its customers the software as a service, which helps them automate their non-employee workforce and provide the users a streamline of contingency workforce, such as temporary staffing, independent contract workers, and contracted services. With users across 70 countries, several multinational companies use the solution services of Beeline that primarily help the businesses with their extended workforce requirements. On the other hand, Recruiter.com helps the companies connect the recruiters and the potential employees with a platform to connect using Artificial job-matching technology. 

The Recruiter.com and Beeline partnership will help in streamlining the workforce requirement further. Recruiter.com will be able to take advantage of the Beeline’s vendor management system solutions to have a flexible approach towards having a mix of employee and non-employee talent in the organization and support the diversity initiatives by bringing forward the underrepresented organizations and talents ahead. 

Beeline has demonstrated their long-term commitment to delivering workforce innovations for hundreds of Fortune 2000 clients. Recruiter.com is proud to partner with Beeline and help drive further innovations in diversity talent solutions.”– said Evan Sohn, CEO, Recruiter.com

This means that through the Recruiter.com and Beeline partnership, the collaboration of both the platforms will result in an increased presence of a diversified workforce across industries, without any discrimination based on race, religion, gender, or political views.

Their synergies will contribute to enhancing the business opportunities for various small and big businesses by helping them create a talent pool of diversified workforce. This will also provide new opportunities for minority recruiting personnel. This can be done by using Beeline’s software solutions that can help the recruiting and hiring personnel reduce their cost and risks, whereas Recruiter.com will connect those recruiting and hiring professionals with access to the diversity-focused workforce solutions offered by Beeline. 

The Recruiter.com and Beeline partnership will result in providing a pool of talents focused on diversity to meet the requirement of human resource professionals, with the help of AI technology and vendor management system software. This will provide massive job opportunities for people hailing from minorities who are often discriminated against based on their gender, race, religion, ethnicity, and political views.

Jasmine Khan
Jasmine Khan
Jasmine is a writer by passion and profession. She likes to explore new places and learn about different cultures. She loves reading books and watching movies that are intellectually stimulating. In her leisure time, she studies Korean language, and practices modern and traditional calligraphy.
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