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Southern Company reveals its fleet electrification goal

Southern Company, a leading energy company in the southern United States, serving 9 million customers nationwide, announced its internal fleet electrification goal to move its automobiles equipment segment to electric by 2030.

As part of National Drive Electric Week 2020, Southern Company revealed its inner fleet electrification goal. The business intends to transform half of its electrical business’ fleet automobiles in the auto/SUV/minivan, forklift, and ATV/cart/miscellaneous equipment segment to electric by 2030.

National Drive Electric Week is held between Sept. 26-Oct. 4. It is celebrated to increase understanding of all-electric and plug-in crossbreed, vehicles, and bikes across the world. They are much better for the environment, have a reduced overall operational expense than gas or diesel cars, help advertise local jobs, fun to drive and decrease our self-reliance on international oil.

The internal fleet goal launched by Southern Company belongs to a more significant focus on the electrification of the transport market and dedication to clean energy and sustainability.

By combining our affordable electricity rates with our electric transportation programs, we help communities and businesses reduce their cost and environmental impact. Customers save on fueling their transportation needs, while commercial businesses increase efficiency by using electricity to transport their goods. – said Lincoln Wood, Electrification Policy Manager at Southern Company

Lincoln Wood further claimed that transforming to electric is a win-win for drivers and organizations. In May, Southern Company introduced an objective of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Southern Company provides clean, secure, reliable, and inexpensive energy via electric operating companies in 3 states, all-natural gas circulation companies in 4 states, an affordable generation company serving wholesale consumers throughout America, a leading dispersed power framework business, a fiber optics network as well as telecom solutions. With an industry-leading dedication to the development and a low-carbon future, Southern Company and its subsidiaries create the personalized energy solutions clients and areas need to drive growth.

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