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UK retailers and supermarkets support the Black History Month

As October marks the Black History Month in the UK, several retailers and supermarkets are taking initiatives to show their support.

Black History Month is a significant event that marks the annual celebration and remembrance of Black people’s contribution in the history of the US and the UK. This event takes place on 1st October, lasting the whole month, with various initiatives across industries and sectors to promote the representation of the Black People. This year, several retailers and supermarkets have stepped up to support Black History Month through their initiatives. 

With the Black Lives Matter movement’s resurgence, a lot of efforts and actions have been taken by people and organizations to bring the spotlight to the social injustice against the Black people. To celebrate the success, achievements, and contribution of Black people, Sainsbury, one of the UK’s top retailers, has announced to modify its ethnic pay gap to ensure that the Black colleagues working at the organization experience a fair and just working culture. 

At Sainsbury’s, we want to celebrate black heritage with our colleagues and customers. To be the most inclusive retailer, where every single one of our colleagues feels safe and supported at work. We’re actively pushing for black people in the UK – Sainsbury’s company statement 

Another notable initiative is from Nike, who has released its latest collection online, focusing on the Black History Month, where the products’ designs pay tribute to the African roots, along with the logo that features “BHM” on every pair of shoes under this collection. 

GAP, another renowned retailer brand, has partnered exclusively with the Black artists to launch its new T-shirt collection. The t-shirt designs are inspired by the artists’ own life experiences of what Black History Month means to them. This project focuses on promoting young Black people’s cultural, social, and creative aspects, allowing them to showcase their talent. 

Not just retailers but several supermarkets actively contribute their efforts towards the celebration of Black History Month in the UK. They have collaborated for a fundraising campaign led by Black Farmer that pledges to raise £100,000. This fundraising campaign’s key contributors include prominent UK supermarkets such as Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Aldi, and Sainsbury’s. The campaign drive focuses on promoting inclusion and diversity across the corporates and businesses across the UK. 

We need products that represent all customers and more suppliers from black and ethnic minority backgrounds.– Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, Founder of Black Farmer 

Other than the campaign drive, the Black Farmer, who is one of the major suppliers of chicken, meat, sausages, and eggs to leading supermarkets in the UK, also plans to celebrate Black History Month by including the pictures of Black heroes on the packaging of these products.

Celebrating Black History Month is an important step in the direction of promoting diversity and recognition towards Black people in the UK. Such initiatives and drives across the retail and supermarket industry in the UK are a positive step that ignites the hope to build an inclusive society and allow us to retrospect the neglect of the Black people throughout history.

Jasmine Khan
Jasmine Khan
Jasmine is a writer by passion and profession. She likes to explore new places and learn about different cultures. She loves reading books and watching movies that are intellectually stimulating. In her leisure time, she studies Korean language, and practices modern and traditional calligraphy.
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