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Home Industries is transforming customer experience with AI Bots is transforming customer experience with AI Bots, a software-as-a-service startup, is changing the way enterprises handle customer support through voice artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. The technology is helping to enhance customer experience with AI Bots.

Speaking to a customer care executive can be the most daunting and time-consuming aspect of customer support. While it’s important for businesses to manage call logs for an efficient system to handle the volume of calls they receive, customers feel it’s a waste of time. This had to change. Call centers have not until recently been conceived as a cradle of artificial intelligence-powered innovation until entered the industry to help enterprises boost their customer experience with AI Bots. introduced a multilingual voice automation platform to help enterprises address customer queries. During the pandemic, the demand for its software-as-a-service (SaaS) product has risen exponentially. With increasing customer calls for support and complaints, during this time, this startup’s voice automation technology has helped incorporate artificial intelligence in handling them. It began with chatbots, but they later realized that to fulfill the gaps for a large-scale impact, shifting to a voice-assistant-based technology would be the best solution.

Big corporates are now using vernacular intelligent voice assistant or VIVA, their’s proprietary multilingual platform. These companies are looking to cut their costs (training and salaries) by better managing call volumes.

Co-founder and CEO Sourabh Gupta said,
“In order to cut cost, companies are pushing calls to interactive voice recognition (IVR), thus leaving no path for a user to reach an agent”

He also added, for a voice assistant platform, one has to solve problems in accents and dialects in geography like India, or else the product will not work.

The result is a platform that recognizes 10 Indian languages and helps companies improve loyalty and CSAT scores. VIVA can also understand different accents, as well.

The platform can also understand different customer traits like age and gender, among others. For example, the AI-Bot will read slowly to older people post recognizing age with their voice. It’s cutting edge technology has resulted in much shorter average call times for customers, handling of both regular and complex queries, eventually enhancing customer experience. It also aims to reduce the average call time to under a minute.

As every industry demands automation, is working with almost all the sectors, and they are looking forward to evolving customer experience with AI bot solution to the global enterprise market, with a targeted expansion into the Southeast Asian and American markets.

Sourabh Gupta said that “We’ve been able to figure out how to win the first few deals and build a strong foothold in the Indian market, and that’s something we’re already replicating in other geographies,”

With the changing needs of companies to manage high call traffic and fix technical issues in the absence of home visits,’s speech recognition platform is developed to upgrade customer experience with AI bots.

Abhimanyu Hazarika
Abhimanyu Hazarika
Abhimanyu is a journalist, and he believes that the world can be made a better place if we assume nothing and question everything, especially those who govern us. He loves writing, listening to rap-rock, and eating sweet delicacies, such as red velvet cake.
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