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Will Ed-tech companies continue to rise and build an impact?

Ed-tech companies are making its way for a more fruitful and cohesive business strategies to rise and build impact in the market.

During the pandemic, the world is trying to cope with the changes as quickly as possible. The key to a smooth transition is to adapt and look for ways to implement new learning models. One such sector that rapidly defines the new normal is the education sector that will rise and build impact via e-learning tools and techniques. Ed-tech companies such as BYJU’S, Dexler Education, UpGrad, Educomp Solutions, Vedantu, continue to rise and expand, simultaneously conceptualizing new tools and techniques increasing impact.

Amid the pandemic, BYJU’S has witnessed a 150 percent increase in its enrollment on the mobile application. The COO of BYJU’S says,

“We are extremely heartened by the overwhelming response to the free lessons on our learning app with 6 million new students learning in March 2020 alone. This reiterates the fact that online learning mediums are a great enabler in helping students when they learn from home.”

If we look at the report published by Technavio Plus, “the market size of online education in India has the latency to see a growth of USD 14.33 billion during 2020-2024.” The report shows a detailed analysis of the online education market by product and end-user and analyzes its competitive landscape.

This new model of imparting knowledge comes with its various advantages as well. These include access to information through live sessions being recorded for the ease of reference. The platform’s responsiveness makes students explore sources of information, the flexibility of multimedia, and expand on their learning curve. Apart from learning, the assessment is also following a practical approach. The teachers can easily map the effectiveness of the sessions and give/receive feedback in real-time.

With ed-tech businesses gaining scale, there’s no better time to increase the headcount. The e-learning industry is most likely to create more and more jobs in future to rise and build impact in the market. They have also attracted billion-dollar investments from various investors. “We are growing at 100% year on year – and expect to ramp up 3x next year,” says co-founder Mayank Kumar, UpGrad.

Being connected is one such benefit of the e-learning adaptation. Unlike schools and university hours, learning never stops online. The creative freedom and flexibility of using various multimedia techniques to explain, assess, and reach out make it the most fun way of learning. With young kids learning from home, Vedantu is also looking to expand its learning capabilities into new categories like early childhood to lower grades (kindergarten to standard 5).

The only people impacted, and benefitting are not students and teachers but also the parents. Recent times around the world have been challenging for one and all. With e-learning tools, parents can gauge their child’s performance in real-time. The school learning sessions also involve parents to participate, which makes learning fun but beneficial too.

While the world is taking the time and making efforts count to heal the mother earth, the e-learning does its bit by encouraging no paper learning. Reduced paper use is a direct reduction in the number of trees being cut for stationary.

In times of confinement, learning and education should not be confined. The access and ease of online education via ed-tech companies have started a revolution. Also, the changes around us is increasing our trust and reliance on digital guidance that’ll continue to rise and build impact for the companies.

Mayank Sachdeva
Mayank Sachdeva
Mayank is a shoe blogger by passion and publicist by profession. He extensively creates content around lifestyle and fashion. In his leisure time, he likes to watch Netflix and shopping online.
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