Saturday, January 29, 2022

Shivani Jha

Shivani Jha
Shivani is a content writer by profession. An artist , and a creator by passion, she loves to create music, write for her blog on 'art' and generate engaging content for her Instagram handle. An avid reader, she also likes to indulge in reading classics and self-development books.

Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez pledges $100 million towards mental health

Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez creates a Rare Impact Fund that will raise $100 million dollars in the next 10 years to support underserved communities with mental health services.

Emerging media and entertainment trends ruling our lives

Media and entertainment trends will keep replenishing the gap during this social distancing era. Catching our favorite shows & movies online, virtual music concerts, live streaming platforms, or listening to favorite podcasts continue to be popular trends.


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