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Accenture among the top 10 best workplaces for women in India

For the fifth consecutive year, Accenture marks its presence in the list of best workplaces for women in India.

The latest study of “Best Companies for Women in India” (BCWI) portrays an optimistic picture of gender diversity. The study proclaims that there is an increasing focus on inclusion, as almost 98% of the workplaces endeavor to include more women in their workforce. The annual study conducted by India’s premier diversity and inclusion advocate firm AVTAR Group in collaboration with US-based gender-parity firm Working Mother unveils the best workplaces for women in India in 2020. Accenture proudly makes it to the list for the fifth time in a row.  

Accenture, the leading global professional services firm, believes firmly in the power of diversity and inclusion at the workplace. At Accenture, women are regarded as an integral part of innovation and technological advancement. Gender diversity is not treated as a separate agenda at Accenture. It is instead imbibed in its organizational culture. The firm is strongly committed to become a gender-neutral company. This philosophy of inclusion is evident across all the business functions throughout the company. 

We are working towards a gender-balanced workforce by 2025. We are proud to state that we are well on our way to achieving that in India, – said Lakshmi C., Managing Director and Lead-Human Resources, Accenture India

Accenture is considered as one of the best workplaces for women in India who are planning to welcome motherhood. The reason is that the firm offers 26 weeks of paid maternity leaves, which is higher than what other companies offer its employees. Accenture is also the pioneer in India offering similar maternity leaves for adoptive mothers and those who become mothers through surrogacy. Childcare responsibilities often urge women to sacrifice their careers, but Accenture wisely chooses to offer women paid maternity leaves and retain the best talent.

Accenture‘s ‘Returning Mothers Program’ intends to offer support to new mothers returning to the workplace after a career break. Under this program, returning mothers are permitted flexible working facilities to enable them to enjoy a better work-life balance. Additionally, the company also extends necessary re-entry support like training to the returning mothers. This allows returning mothers to feel at par with their colleagues even after a career break. 

Another thoughtful initiative by Accenture to include and inspire women to follow their career dreams is Vaahini. It is a networking platform that enables women to learn and get inspired by real-life stories of leading women professionals in the company, participate in career-related discussions, exchange their ideas, and discover career options. Vaahini offers an excellent opportunity for women professionals to connect virtually and unleash their hidden potential. 

Accenture is committed to achieving a 50:50 ratio between men and women in its workforce by 2025. Apart from this, Accenture also strives to achieve women representation at the senior leadership positions. It aims to achieve at least 25 percent women representation at the managing directors’ level by the end of the current year. The company is close to accomplishing its targets as women form 44 percent of its current workforce. In comparison, 24 percent of women have already marked their presence at the managing director level.  

For Accenture, creating a culture of innovation, learning and equality and employee well-being is a priority.  In a world where inclusivity is the need of the hour, Accenture ensures that its employees are heard and get as much support they require to work in a comfortable environment. The company has launched numerous initiatives and policies particularly focusing on women and accelerating their growth which is recognized by AVTAR Group and Working Mother as top 10 best workplaces for women in India.

Ankita Agarwal
Ankita Agarwal
With a Masters in Commerce and an MBA in Marketing, Ankita also has the considerable corporate experience that reflects in her extensive writing over the years. Along with a zest to constantly learn and improve, she is highly agile in her writing domains. But, corporate issues appeal to her the most.


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