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India is Zoom’s second-largest user base

India is Zoom's second-largest user base after the United States. Zoom is now looking forward to opening a new office in Bangalore and increasing its global presence.

The pandemic which struck the world to a greater extent has enforced many changes, from lockdown to social distancing and less workforce in the office, many companies adopted work from home methods during this period. The ‘new normal’ world helped in the growth of video-communication applications and software. Zoom is one of the majorly benefited software during the pandemic. Zoom’s second-largest user base is in India, and it is planning to open a new office in Bangalore as well as looking to increase global presence in the future. 

Eric Yuan, Zoom CEO, and Co-founder said in a candid chat with Rajan Anandan, President, TiE Delhi-NCR and MD, Sequoia Capital:

 “India is our second biggest market and I want to thank all of our users in the country. The US is the biggest market for Zoom, followed by India and then Japan”

The office norm was changed to work from home since lockdown. This helped the video communication software to get their hold on the market. Similarly, Zoom, which had a market value of close to 10 million in December 2019, raised its stocks to 300 million in April 2020.

Zoom’s second-largest user base is in India and the new office in Bangalore would help get the proper feedback from the local users and implement those to develop a friendly platform for Indians. 

When asked about the future when the pandemic is over, Eric Yuan was nothing but optimistic about expanding the business. He said the work from home would not stop here, and multiple companies will follow suit. 

I think many businesses will allow their employees to work from home. The main challenge here is how to make sure Zoom will give a better and safer experience to users than compared to that in an office environment.

The application is used not only for online education and telemedicine, but also for marriages in the US. The marriages through Zoom are legal in the US, and its application is expected to increase over time. 

Zoom opened its doors for K-12 schools across the globe, including India, during the lockdown. With shutting down schools, colleges, and universities, everyone hoped for collaboration through a virtual platform. Pandemic made Zoom modify its user base dynamics and come up with quick solutions. From doctors to online teaching, fitness classes to wedding celebrations, people of all ages are using Zoom platform to connect making India Zoom’s second-largest user base.

With Zoom’s new technology office in Bengaluru, the local talents will have a chance to shine on the global platform.

Varun Aithal
Varun Aithal
A keen observer of polity, football and cricket, Varun is a Mechanical Engineer by profession and a content developer by passion. Being an Engineer, he loves to teach and learn Mathematics. He is a firm believer of learning new things every day. He also enjoys reading books related to self-help, philosophical and fantasy thrillers.
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