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Udacity and UiPath launches RPA Nanodegree Program

Udacity-UiPath launches RPA Nanodegree Program to provide learners with resources and practical experience for better learning of RPA.

The Robotic Automation Process allows configuring computer software or “robots” to emulate and integrate humans’ actions in a digital environment. Udacity, the global online learning platform joined hands with UiPath, leading enterprise robotic process automation software company, to launch its RPA Nanodegree program, which is developed with the objective to provide learners with the knowledge of RPA and how to make it to their best use with available resources.

The RPA program launch is a part of the Udacity & UiPath RPA Insiders Virtual conference that took place recently in the presence of developers and engineers.

The RPA is the next big opportunity that companies want to seize, and there’s a need for RPA developers who possess the skills to drive that opportunity forward. – said Gabe Dalporto, CEO, Udacity

RPA robots work on the user interface to capture information and manipulate applications just like humans do. From organizing a file to deleting trash, it reduces redundancy in work, helping humans’ channel themselves to more focused work. 

In contrast to other solutions, the RPA allows companies to automate work at a fraction of cost, often without the necessity of replacing underlying systems. It is highly scalable and can adapt to the changing business environment. 

According to research, the global RPA market is expected to reach almost $26 billion by 2027, creating businesses’ opportunities to maximize potential and minimize loss. Learners of the RPA Nanodegree program will develop the knowledge and professional skills needed to deploy business process automation.

We built UiPath on the promise to democratize RPA and train a global community of practitioners. Partnering with Udacity to develop the RPA Developer Nanodegree program furthers our commitment to empowering people with the in-demand automation skills to succeed in newly emerging careers and remain competitive in their current roles. – said Alok Shrivastava, UiPath VP of Learning alliances

Robotic Process automation is directly linked with profitability while improving accuracy across businesses and organizations. Software robots also easily integrate with the existing systems. RPA robots’ ability to scale and constantly report progress, without having to sleep, improves business strategy and efficacy to an all-new high. The launch of the RPA Nanodegree program will help in hands-on experience with projects customized for real scenarios. The developer programs install benefits of RPA, its design methodology, and the required pedagogy effectively, helping people realize its importance in the upcoming decades.

Shahzer Rahman
Shahzer Rahman
Shahzer is an explorer at heart. His mantra for leading a good life is “being out there, hunting for opportunities.” He is a mechanical engineer by profession and his interest lies in poetry and film editing.
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