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Food industry offers medical benefits for employees: Basic to advanced

Food brands like Hormel Foods, Coca Cola, Mondelēz International U.S., The J.M. Smucker Company, and many more are practicing what they preach even in the middle of a pandemic. These food brands have come forward to offer various medical benefits for employees as well as have taken several steps that will ensure the safety of the unsung heroes who are still working as the world is at a halt.

During COVID-19 initial days, everyone in the world was forced to shift indoors and the rat race came to a sudden standstill. Even in such difficult times, various food brands continue to work with their employees, risking their lives and going to work to make sure the consumer demands were met. From personal hygiene to food safety protocols, various food brands implemented protocols and best practices issued by Food And Drug Administration (FDA). They offered medical benefits for employees to keep them protected and workspace sanitized at the same time. 

All the employees working in the food and beverage industry (approved by FDA) undergo a regular temperature check. They are checked for any symptoms before they begin work every day. In case there’s someone associated with the symptoms of COVID-19, he/she is asked to report to their supervisor, get approved paid sick leaves, and are immediately sent back home. Their workstation is then thoroughly cleaned, and the workspace is disinfected to curb the spread of this virus.

“As a global branded food company, we play a critical role in providing safe, high-quality food during this unprecedented time,” said Jim Snee, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO at Hormel Foods.

The food and beverage companies are working continuously to ensure essential items and other products never go out of stock. Consumer’s demands are fully met during these difficult times. While some brands are offering cash bonuses and increments, others take care of the medical insurance of their hard-working employees. 

“We are prioritizing safety – whether for our system associates or for our customers and consumers,” said James Quincey, Chairman, and CEO at Coca-Cola Company.

At the same time, company-owned bottling partner, Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages, did not follow the general trend of pay or job cuts. Instead, they announced a 7-8% increment in the salaries of around 7,000 direct employees. They also claimed that the safety of their employees working all around the world ranks at the top on their list of priorities. 

Coca-Cola Company has implemented additional sanitization routines, focusing on the surfaces that have a high-touch possibility. As per the protocols, they have restricted entry of visitors and set the duration of their presence. Coca Cola also provided various types of medical benefits in the form of health insurance and dental and vision coverage. 

“We understand the uncertainty people are feeling right now, and are committed to do our part to ease some of that concern by supporting our employees and communities while ensuring people and pets have access to a steady supply of food,” said Mark Smucker, president, and CEO, The J. M. Smucker Company. 

Apart from taking care of the sanitization and employee temperature tests, J.M. Smucker Company has come forward to offer the employees additional paid sick leave for individuals who are required to take care of their family members tested positive for COVID-19. Other employee benefits include hundred percent payment for employees getting tested for the virus along with all the virtual health screenings that need to be conducted. 

As the world fights the global pandemic, it is incredible to see that employees are working round the clock to maintain the supply of food and beverages. The companies have taken all necessary steps and are offering medical benefits for employees and workers to ensure they are safe and protected. 

Srishti Bajaj
Srishti Bajaj
Srishti is a pastry-chef turned writer. She is a copywriter, a blog editor, and sometimes a backpacker translating visuals into words. She is always up for new challenges, meeting new people, and heading to the mountains.


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